What Pissed Me Off Enough To Get Arrested ON PURPOSE - Summary of BR Standoff

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What Pissed Me Off Enough To Get Arrested ON PURPOSE - Summary of BR Standoff

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:29 am

"When peaceful protest is not tolerated, violent protest is inevitable". -- JFK

There's much more to the story, as you'll find in "A Letter to My Loved Ones", found in "The Whole Truth" section of this site, but I believe this narrative to be accurate and true based on my minute-by-minute obsessive following of these events as they took place. At this time, there are roughly 20 men whom are facing life sentences for their parts in the peaceful protest documented in the video, as well as countless "unindicted co-conspirators" whom are also in legal jeopardy. This is not tolerable in a "free" society. Something had to be done about it. Furthermore, one of the peaceful protesters, Greg Burleson, has already been sentenced to 68 years in prison for his participation, despite the FACT that no federal officers were threatened or harmed in any way. Does America tolerate this? Is this the home of the free and the land of the brave or the home of the apathetic and self serving and the land of the slave? I believe that's up to you and me. What are YOU doing to preserve the birthrights of your children? I suspect it's less than these patriots.

My mission is to get you into the game and to free as many as I can as quickly as possible. Slavery is ALWAYS wrong and activism has not included voting for decades in this so-called country (which is actually a corporation). Ask Bernie. When you boil my mission down to the bone, you'll find that the slave I'm attempting to free is you. Do your research here and with other online sources. Virtually nothing we've been led to believe is true, save the fact that lawyers cannot be trusted. Here's Bill's view on the subject (not my own):

With love to you and all of my neighbors,



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